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  • Ryan Cartlidge

A Safe Place - Short Film (UPDATE)

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Hi Everyone! Ryan here! Writer and Director of "A Safe Place". Just thought I'd keep you guys updated on the current progress of the film. We screened the film in front of an audience at SAE Institute Perth earlier in the year and we were met with a great response from audiences. Overall we are pleased with the feedback that we've gotten for the film and have been recommended to enter it into film festivals when we can. I am currently working on tweaks for the film, mainly with the score of the film. I am currently working with the very talented Damien Greenwood and Jason Schmechtig, who go under the name of Jeenyis Scoring as a composing partnership.

It's been an absolute pleasure with these guys. We are getting much closer to a sound that I originally wanted now and I'm excited to eventually show this to you guys.

Once the score is done and the mix stage begins, I'll be putting together another trailer that will feature the score in it making for an epic new trailer.

We are aiming to finish the score as soon as possible and then we will be making headway with promotional material and on the lookout for festivals suitable for the film. Just want to say thanks to everyone who has shown their support throughout the previous months, it's been a slow process but we're approaching the end now. Enjoy some screenshots from the film below! Thanks again! Ryan

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